Grandpa and Grandma Misegades

Grandpa and Grandma Misegades

Louis and Katherine Misegades, Peru, Kansas

Posted by Charlotte Griffin nee Misegades

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3 Responses to Grandpa and Grandma Misegades

  1. Nice picture, but, who are these people? We need to get some kind of a tree on this site linked to images. Do we have any WordPress experts out there, for instance, set this up as one of the ‘Categories’ on the right side of the page?

  2. Anonymous says:

    These people are Louis and Katherine (Kate) Misegades. The parents of Edgar, Eugene, Harold, and Roy Misegades. I, Charlotte, know NOTHING about blogging, WordPress, etc. Luckily I have cousins that do. Hopefully, when they get back to their homes we can get this going correctly.

    We want categories, photos and the Family Tree with links. I just wanted to at least get it started.

    By the way you wrote the comment above?


    • oops, I was typing on my iPad and didn’t type right. I meant to say WHO wrote the comment above. I am finding out a few things. 1) If the administrators (Marilyn, Katherine, Kent and I write the author comes out So, please, sign your comment. 2) at least if I use my iPad it comes up Anonymous. At least until I find out if I can change that. So much to learn!!


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