Kent’s great suggestions

Some of you have already recieved this in an e-mail some of you haven’t.  I am going to once again post his suggestions for the reunion.  You may add comments and suggesions as well as tell us which committee(s) you would be willing to help on.

Here goes:

On the division of labor:   Off the top of my head, these are some  of the things I see as most important:

    1. Set an agenda – people like to know what they are getting for their time and money.
    2. Find a venue that is pleasant, convenient and not too expensive.
    3. Market the event through a web site or facebook page, for  instance, something where people can sign up for regular news.
    4. Assign people to lead each activity, which might include
      a. accommodations & food
      b. transportation (so that people flying in do not need a rental car)
      c. talent/music/craft show-and-tell
      d. create a large family tree on posterboard to which people can add their branch information
      e. genealogy experts create slideshow of the Misegades family history, going back as far as possible
      f. notables and other – unique members of their extended families
      g. nametag that is color-coded to the family tree so people can quickly establish relationships
      h. creation/sale of items showing the Misegades coat-of-arms
      i. outdoor activity, shopping in a nice small town, hiking, canoeing, etc.
      j. commemorative T-Shirt, jacket, bag, etc. “International Misegades Reunion 2012” with coat-of arms

I am happy to work on a., b., e., f., h., i., j. My mother Carol is an ‘organizer’ and multi-talented craft person who can help.  I suspect our daughter-in-law Danae in Charlotte would help too, she is a real sweetheart. I suggest we recruit Marilyn Buster of Oklahoma and Katherine Misegades of Ft. Wayne to be head of some of these things, as they  too have shown the greatest interest in this event.

Agenda, here is an idea:

Friday, September 14th:

  • Arrive in Charlotte.
  • Informal registration / reception w/drinks and snacks.

Saturday, September 15th:

  • 8-10: Long informal meet & greet breakfast.
  • 10-12: Two part lecture on the history of the Misegades family,  pre, and post emigration.
  • 12-2:  Lunch and break
  • 2-4:  Informal craft/photo album show-and-tell
  • 4-6: free time
  • 6-10:  Dinner, each family gets a few minutes to tell favorite  (funny) Misegades story, Dance afterwards, for instance  Line/Square dancing followed by Swing to Disco

Sunday, September 16th:

  • 8-10:  Long breakfast
  • 10: people start departing, hotel checkout

Please share with others and everyone should comment.  I have a thick skin and do not mind other ideas, probably better than mine  anyway.


Posted by Charlotte Griffin nee Misegades

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8 Responses to Kent’s great suggestions

  1. I told you I was learning. This was published before I meant to, but you get the idea. I promise to get better at this. I love Kent’s engineer’s mind. Again, please give us suggestions, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kent and Charlotte, This is Louise, Katherine’s Sister in Fort Wayne. I would be happy to help and maybe Marilyn, Katherine and I could do something. Keep me posted. My Daughters, Katherine Caldwell and Christine Van Horn are great orginizers as well.

  2. Hi cousin Louise!
    Of course you are good organizing, knowing your parents and all that they accomplished in their full lives. I’m letting Charlotte and Marilyn tell me what they need from me. You and your sister are important sources for history of the family, which needs to include your amazing mother, too.

  3. Kent, for sure I want you to find us a place. Call Ray and see if he can go help. I’ll email you his phone numbers. And please make the coat of arms, I think you are the one that used to have the information. I can’t find my copy. My crazy nephews are already thinking of a tat. grrrr. I’ll go for a shirt, etc.
    Louise, I figured you, Katherine and Marty on crafts, I am going to try to get Ray to work on a talent show
    I can do the name tags,
    We need someone to work on a large postboard (probably several strung together) of the family tree. I am on and I think Katherine Caldwell is too. I’m stuck and will probably be calling this one and that the months before the reunion. I’ll bring my iPad with on it.

    By the way, Kent, Marilyn and Marty are the same person.


  4. James Smith says:

    I could see about j. My wife works for a t-shirt embroydery and prnting company. Let me know what you would like me to do.

    • Thanks, Jamie, (may I still call you Jamie, or do you go by James?)
      The Misegades coat-of-arms will be Kent’s “baby” so the best thing will be to contact him. If you don’t have his info I’ll e-mail it to you. I believe he is in Germany this week. You could begin to get quotes, etc. for the t-shirts and other things so we could have an idea of the costs.
      Thanks, again.

  5. Oooooo! I love the idea of a tat–I can add it to all my other ones!

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