Frederick Misegades, Watertown, WI

While searching for information on Henry Fred Misegades, the ‘missing link’ who left Germany for America to create our branch of the family tree, I stumbled across a Frederick Misegades of Watertown, WI.  See this link for an article on this popular member of Watertown’s 19th century citizenry.

Kent Misegades, Cary, NC

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6 Responses to Frederick Misegades, Watertown, WI

  1. Marilyn Buster says:

    I knew there is a large group of Misegades from WI and some also in NE. I can’t remember which group Margaret in CA is related to but we can ask when she comes. Maurice meets with her on occasiion.

    Marilyn Misegades Buster, Tulsa

  2. Charlotte says:

    Even though the Masthead has Grandpa and Grandma, ANY Misegades is invited,. We just need to know for the planning.

  3. Frederick was MY great-grandfather, Kent. Have you had any contact with Dale Misegadis (yes, that’s the way his branch spells it) in Kansas?

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  5. Mary Seger says:

    I am Mary Misegades Seger. My dad was William Richard Misegades. He was born in Watertown Wisconsin behind the Octagon House.

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