Louis, Katherine and grandchildren

Grandchildren are the dots that
connect the lines from generation to generation.
[Lois Wyse]

Louis and Katherine Misegades with six grandchildrenReading left to right:
Back Row: Raymond, Louis, Katherine Hulda, Marilyn and Maurice Misegades
Front Row: Charlotte, Katherine May and Louise Misegades

As close as I can figure, this photo was taken about October of 1946 in Phister Park in Coffeyville, Kansas. Roy’s children here are Raymond and Charlotte (Bobby wasn’t born yet), Gene’s children are Marilyn and Maurice, and Harold’s children are Katherine May and Louise.

Katherine May Misegades, Fort Wayne, Indiana

About Katherine

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator by trade. I also design and publish hand knitting patterns.
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1 Response to Louis, Katherine and grandchildren

  1. Katherine, the location of the picture was Phister Park in Coffeyville, Kansas, otherwise everything else is right. Probably 1946 right after my father, Roy, returned home from the war. Bob was born the following January, 1947.

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