An update on the reunion

Here is an update on the reunion. Whether you are coming, not sure or not coming, please, would you let us know  at . Thanks to hard work by Kent Misegades, Paul’s son, Ed’s grandson, the venue for the family reunion has been picked, the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel.  The hotel has a shuttle service to and from the airport, a restaurant, swimming pool, meeting rooms and the rooms are around $109.  Also we have reservations at the Waldhorn Restaurant about 15 miles from the Charlotte airport for our dinner on Saturday evening.

Kent is getting the information for group rates at the Hotel which we will post as soon as we get them.  Waldhorn is a German restaurant (what else). If you go to the Waldhorn Restaurant site the Menu and prices are on the left side of the web page.  To make things easier each person, couple or family pays their own bill.

I know some of you will be staying at relatives near the Charlotte area, as for the rest of us The Sheraton has reasonable rates and as I said, the hotel has a shuttle so no need to rent a car.  And I have been assured there are plenty of cars from those who are driving  so that we won’t have to walk to the Waldhorn.

We need to know as soon as you do who is coming, who is staying with whom and who is staying at the hotel?  I know several of us single women could stay together — or at least 2 to a room. The ones who will be staying at the hotel we would like to know as soon as possible. Marilyn Misegades Buster  looked at the Venue link for the hotel and would suggest that people might want to sign up for the hotel chain membership in Starwood Preferred Guest membership. Gives access to a complimentary breakfast, evening hors d’oeuvres in the Club. Looks like it is a free sign up.

The plans for the week-end are firming up, but not set in stone. Here is what we thought our agenda will be:

Friday, September 14th, 2012

-4-8 PM – meet-and-greet at hotel – includes display of Misegades photos, memorabilia – music from Misegades talent?

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

-8AM – coffee & rolls, meet-and-greet

-9AM – 2PM – 30-minute talks on each generation going back to Germany

-12PM-1PM – buffet lunch during talks

-2PM – 6PM – open for those who want to visit sites in Charlotte, or chit-chat at hotel

-6PM – 7PM – Happy Hour at  Waldhorn Restaurant

-7PM-10PM – Dinner with speaker, Q&A (speaker TBD)
Sunday, September 16th, 2012

-8AM – coffee & rolls, chit-chat ?  formal program or simply show-and-tell as people departure

There will be plenty of time for getting to know each other and general chit-chat. We will be learning about our family, seeing the various talents of our members (Painting, crafts, knitting, singing, dancing etc.).  There are several interesting sites around Charlotte that I am sure you will enjoy.

I, Charlotte, am excited, I could say obsessed, with the information I am finding about our ancestors on  I can’t seem to stay away from it or my Family Tree Maker and  Anyone else who has an account please let us know. When I have a little more information on our Family Tree Katherine Misegades or  I will post a pdf file for you to look at and add to.  We are going to have scanners and laptops at the reunion for us so we can add to that information. So start going through photos, letters, stories, etc. etc. etc. ahead of time

You may send your photos ahead of time to Katherine Misegades ( who suggests the following about the pictures:

About scanning, we could gather photos together for an album for anyone who is interested. Here are some points:

  1.  We need to scan photos at a higher resolution than the blog needs, then edit them down for the blog.
  2. The photos on the blog need to be no more than 410 pix wide and 72 ppi.
  3. For an album, it needs to be 300 ppi at 100% of the photo size.
  4. We could open a Flicker account to share the photos easier for various uses if you wish
  5.  A print-on-demand photo album need the high-resolution photos
  6. A PDF that wouldn’t be printed on any higher quality printer than a home printer would need about 150 dpi
  7. An eBook that can be read on devices can be less resolution.

The photo, story, etc. will have the name of the ancestor, a comment and the name of the person sending it.

Alright this a lot of information, but I hope it helps in your planning for this once in a lifetime  reunion.

Charlotte, Katherine, Kent, and Marilyn

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