3 Months from this week-end (June 16)

 I can hardly believe it!  In about three months we will be having our reunion.  We need some things from the family.  If you see your name with a 0 and you are coming please e-mail us at misegadesfamilyreunion@gmail.com and tell us the following:
  1. if you are coming or not coming to the reunion and
  2. if you are planning on going to the dinner on Saturday evening
  3. where you will be staying
  4. are you driving or coming by plane

If you see your name with the number of people coming from your family great, but I would really like to know some of the other things above! An e-mail would really be appreciated.

Do you have a talent, a craft,  a business you would like to display? We would like to know.  At this moment I do not know exactly what we are going to do with this information, but I am hoping to have someone co-ordinate that information and plan a talent show and tables displaying crafts.

Again we need pictures of interest to our family scanned and sent to Katherine at katherine@atimetoknit.com.
I am going to make several pdf files that Katherine will put add to the webpage. No more mistakes this time.  There will be a descendent tree from Henry Fred and one from Louie and Kate.  I would recommend you find yourself on the Louie and Kate one and add to it.  By that I mean any spouses and children, grandchildren etc.  I am not guaranteeing anything for sure but I will try to get all the information added to our tree.  And hopefully Katherine Caldwell and Christine Van Horn can help. (Don’t you ladies just love how I volunteered you?).  We hope to have a large one on the wall at the reunion.
I know there was more I was going to say, but I’ll put it in another blog.  I have written this over 2 days and know it is probably jumbled.
Until next time,
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