Misegades Family and who are attending



3 Allen Misegades
2 Ben Misegades
2 Bob Misegades
0 Bryan Buster
0 Caleb Misegades
1 Carol Misegades
1 Charlotte Griffin
3 Christie Van Horn
0 David Misegades
0 Ellen Roberts
4 James Smith
0 Josh Misegades
5 Katherine Bartgis
1 Katherine Caldwell
2 Katherine Misegades
2 Keith Misegades
2 Kent Misegades
0 Kim Misegades
0 Kristin Isaac
0 Logan Misegades
1 Louise Misegades
1 Margaret Misegades
2 Marilyn Buster
0 Mark Buster
1 Maurice Misegades
1 Michael Anthony Misegades
0 Michael Dean Misegades
1 Pam Misegades
0 Peter Misegades
0 Rachel Smith
2 Raymond Misegades
2 Robert A. Misegades
2 Robert F. Misegades
2 Robyn Misegades
2 Rod Misegades
1 Tim Misegades
2 Tineke Carroll
0 Tracey Waldrop
1 Trevor Misegades
0 Will Misegades
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3 Responses to Misegades Family and who are attending

  1. Charlotte says:

    Okay, I was working on the Word table and tried publishing this, thinking it would go into the blog on which I’m working. The blog that explains should be up shortly.

  2. Jamie says:

    There will be four for me. Jamie,Bev,Cole,and Malcolm.

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