Interesting Questions

Reunions are great places to learn interesting facts about our family both past and present. Several of our cousins have presented me with interesting questions about the people in our family.

First of all using the nine grandchildren of Louie and Kate as the base (Dean, Paul, Maurice, Marilyn, Charlotte, Louise, Katherine, Raymond and Robert [Bob]) our 2nd great-grandfather (the one who immigrated from Germany (well really Hannover) Generation 1, Our great-grandfather would be generation 2 Our grandfather would be Generation 3, Our fathers would Generation 4, we are Generation 5, our children 6, etc. etc. etc. This also goes for the Wisconsin Misegades since their ancestor came over about the same time. (Bob, from NY, I know your family came over later in the 1920’s but if you go back a couple of generations it will be the same thing)

Here are some questions we would like answered about your branch of the family:

Are there any prominent members of your branch such as:

  • noted politicians
  • athletes
  • engineers
  • scientist
  • explorers
  • pilots
  • entertainers
  • actors
  • musicians
  • astronauts


 Have you been published? We would love to start a list especially books and guides. I know Kent has published dozen of technical and historical articles and one small booklet, a travel guide for aviation historians focused on Southern Germany.

MUSIC: Have you had anyone who published music or recorded it, past or present

MILITARY SERVICE, which service, combat service, decorations, final rank. From what I see on it looks as though both Henry Fred and John Henry were in the Civil War.

i.e. Roy’s BBQ in the past or Bob’s (my brother) Colorado in France. Tell us a little about the business.

ARTISAN’S Is your handiwork on display in public places (In-laws and outlaws count)

  • Do you teach or sell it
    • Can you bring some to show (or sell) at the reunion
    • note: Is there any way of getting some of Ellen’s things here from Wales?


  • One thing that some families are doing are medical histories, so that they can keep track of what might run in the family such as depression, strokes, heart attacks. Make a list of diseases and ailments that have occurred.
  • Something much more fun: common traits, such as hair & eye color, for instance. Lots of blue/gray eyes among men in some branch and some have blond hair, typical for northern Germans. Kent, and my brother, Bob were near-white when they were kids. But then Bob’s beard was red and his son, Josh, is a redhead.

If anyone has other interesting questions either add them to the comments or email them to . The way I have been slow about posting people will probably see them faster in the comments. If you would rather not have your answers published on the blog, that is perfectly okay just e-mail me at the above e-mail address and be sure to tell me you would rather the information not be published. Also at a later date I am planning on putting interesting items especially about our ancestors on unless you would prefer it not be.

I cannot believe it has taken me 2 weeks to write this blog – life gets in the way.

That is all for now, but more is on the way, especially about booking rooms, etc.


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3 Responses to Interesting Questions

  1. Maurice says:

    I was in the marine courpe for a short time in the 50 s alittle over 2 Years at Quntico, Ca. as a Lt. And was happy to get out, Maury M. Then went to work for Montgomy Ward for 39 years

  2. Jamie says:

    I served four years in the Navy 1992-1996. I was stationed at Assault Craft Unit-2 in Norfolk Va. When I got out I was BM3(SW). I guess this wasn’t unexpected considering my Mother (Katherine Misegades), my Father, and my great Aunt Esther were all in the Navy.

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