Hotel Information

I am basically going to blog here what I have sent to everyone in an e-mail. Not everyone reads the blog, and not everyone reads their e-mail SO hopefully by double dipping I catch the majority of the family. I want to thank Kent Misegades (Paul’s son, Ed’s grandson) for all the work he has done acquiring the hotel, conference room and reservations for our dinner on Saturday night.

The following is pretty much verbatim what I sent in the e-mail:

The long awaited (well by me anyway), information on booking our rooms at the Charlotte Airport Sheraton Hotel has come through. We are getting the rooms at a VERY good price. I know because I booked rooms before (which I have since cancelled) at a higher price. The rooms are $109 a night. You MUST book before August 15, 2012. Below is the e-mail with the information for booking. If you do not want to book on-line, but would prefer to call reservations that is perfectly acceptable. The personalized website also has a place to send an e-mail to Kent (since he was the one to set it up) saying whether you are coming or not to the reunion. If you are staying somewhere else but coming to the reunion you can use that website too. AND you can always write me or comment on our blog. . The following is the e-mail sent to us about the rooms:

A personalized Web site for Misegades Family Reunion occurring
(September 11, 2012 – September 17, 2012)has been created for you.
Guests can access the site to learn more about the event and to book,
modify, or cancel a reservation from July 17, 2012 to September 18, 2012.  [THE ACTUAL REUNION IS Sept. 14-16] 

 Below you will find the appropriate link(s) for your participants to access the site:

Misegades Family Reunion(OR copy and paste the following link into a web browser)

Very soon (hopefully this week-end or next) you will also be receiving an e-mail and blog on the Misegades reunion shirts we will be offering. Be thinking about color (We will order only one color I am thinking). The following is what Beverly Smith (Katherine Misegades’ daughter-in-law) has sent me:

“The shirts are available in white, pink, ash, sky blue, pale yellow, light gray and cream. available in sizes small – 3xl 2xl and 3 xl area a couple of dollars more each. We also have youth and toddler tees and onsies, available in white, pink, sky blue, and pale yellow. not sure how many kids are going to be there…”

By the way, Beverly says the shirt information needs to be sent in NO LATER than August 10 or SOONER!

Hope this information is useful. I hope to hear from you soon,


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