Bits and Pieces

I am happy to see people are checking out the website to see if anything is new.  Your friendly blogger has not been lazy, just busy.  In fact one thing I have done is make Roy’s BBQ Sauce Mix, packaging it and sending it ahead of me to Charlotte, well really Harrisburg, but close.  When you have 50+, 5 oz. packs that is HEAVY, no way I’m taking that on an airplane.  Luckily, the post office has flat rate boxes.

Old Photos and clipping:

I hope that you have collected old pictures, clippings, etc. and are planning on bringing them to the reunion with stories to match.  A wonderful way to tell our history is through pictures, newspaper clippings, albums etc.  We are planning for great show and tell during our time together.

Talents of all kinds

If you have a talent, please, let us know.  If you dance, sing, are a storyteller, paint, quilt, knit, play a musical instrument (no rock bands, please) let us know.  If you can, bring your crafts with you and we will display them.  Please either comment or e-mail me at the reunion e-mail address:  I think I got it right this time.  If you need a keyboard, my brother, Ray, will have his there.  And, if anyone has a guitar (no steel strings, please), my brother, Bob, would like to borrow it since his sister is goading him into doing something he does at his restaurant in France (and yes, it’s in English).

Schedule and Menu are all but finished and will be posted within a few days.

That’s all for now,


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