Schedules and such

As I am starting this blog there are only 12 days left until we meet!  I hope you are as excited as I am.  Our schedule for the three days is firmed up as are our menus for Saturday’s Lunch and Dinner.

Agenda:   Understand that things may change a moment’s notice! We’re a family not a convention.

Friday, September 14, 2012  Meeting Room C

12:00 p.m. -11:00 p.m.

  • Mainly meet and greet.  (Set up displays. Family Tree. etc.).
  • Look at pictures, clippings, crafts, etc
  • Show and tell,  possibly a talent and craft talks here?
  • Everyone is in charge of their own meals on this day.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

  • 7-8 AM, early bird meet & greet (tba)

Meeting Room C

  • 8-8:45 AM, intros, name pronunciations Round-Robin
  • 8:45 – 9, break, setup for talks
  • 9-9:45, Bob Misegades (NY) on early history
  • 9:45-9:50  Short Break
  • 9:50-10:25 Kent on Gen 1 & Gen 2,
  • 10:25-10:30 Short 5 minute break
  • 10:30-11:15 Marilyn et al on Gen 3, especially Louis and Kate
  • 11:15-Noon Series of discussion topics of more recent stories (Round Robin)
    • Old family tales  –  true or false (stowaways, Dalton Brothers, Supertramp, etc.)
    • Veterans, who, which branch, activities, where served
    • Famous/infamous members, esp. from sports, business, hobbies, music, politics, etc.
  • Ballroom B  Lunch  
  •     12-2, discussion topics continue during lunch,
  • 2-6, Free time to do as you wish or stay for more show & tell
  • 6-7, Happy Hour at the Waldhorn
  • 7-9, Dinner at the Waldhorn, toast to the family

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2012 Meeting Room C

8:00-11:00 a.m. Good-byes, Continue Show & Tell of display items (and pack up)

11:00-12:00 Check out for most

 Reunion Wrap-up

  • Post all notes, pictures, etc. in a zip file for all to download for posterity.   
  • Updated family tree.  
  • Plans for next reunion? 

As is noted on the schedule on Saturday Noon we will have a Lunch Buffet in a different room (don’t ask me why that’s just where the hotel put us, probably they will set it up while we are talking in the meeting room). As my mother, Phyllis,  would say, anyway, the menu which I tried to copy was in a pdf and didn’t come out as I wanted it to.  But it includes:

Garden Salad,Red  Potato Salad and Mediterranean Pasta Salad, Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef and cheeses Lettuce, Tomato, Onion Relish Tray; A variety of rolls and croissant and Cookies

There was supposed to be  Sweetened Ice tea, but I said a lot of us were from the north and would like it unsweetened, please, so you southerners will have to sweeten  your tea.

We have decided to go with a menu provided by the Waldhorn Restaurant.  If you decide there is nothing you would like on the planned menu you will be able to order off their main menu.  Just a reminder each person, couple or family pays for their own meal.

$ 23.95 per person

Kleiner gemischter Salat
Small Waldhorn Salad

Choice of Entrees:

Waldhorn Sampler Platter
Bratwurst, Roast of Loin Pork & Beef Roulade served with Spätzle & red cabbage

Gegrillter Lachs “Riesling”
Freshly grilled salmon with Riesling Sauce served with almond rice & fresh vegetable

Breaded Veal Cutlets, served with French fries and vegetable of the day

Served warm with Vanilla-Bourbon Sauce

The planning is almost done and soon it will be time to party.  We want you to enjoy yourself and meet family that, either it has been eons since you have seen them, or meet ones that you may have heard their names but never met. More than likely there will be a few more blogs, BUT in case there isn’t I would like to thank, Kent Misegades, Marilyn Misegades Buster, Katherine and Louise Misegades, Katherine Caldwell, Christy Caldwell VanHorn and Gabrielle Van Horn, and Beverly and James Smith (without whom we would not have our shirts) for all the work they have done.  I hope I haven’t left anyone out.

Love you all,


P.S. Do I dare mention that the 16th will be my 72 birthday?

P.P.S. (from Katherine) The 18th will be James Smith’s 39th birthday.

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