Charlotte’s in Charlotte

Well, I’m ready for the party to begin. I arrived late Tuesday evening and spent yesterday loafing around the hotel. For those staying here at the Sheraton, the rooms are nice but not fancy. The downstairs lobby and dining-room have been remodeled and look very nice. I have met Beverly, the sales rep that helped Kent set up our reunion. A very nice lady, who unfortunately won’t be here this week-end, but Kathy, the person who set up food, etc. will be.
I’ve talked to Bob (from France) except he and Sheri are in the States driving to Charlotte.

I spent the late morning — early afternoon with Ray and Di. We had lunch at the Waldhorn and give it our approval. The menu looks great and the lunch we had was delicious.

People will be arriving later today and I no longer will be by myself — although the rest was nice. Remember, we will be in Meeting Room C tomorrow. That is on the main floor left of the indoor-outdoor pool.

I can’t wait to see all of you, y’all.

Room 525

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