How about it

This is going to be short and sweet.  How about meeting next year in Alton, IL for another family reunion.  Just wondering, seems like a really good idea.  Please, family, give me your feed back.

There is a small possibility that Ray, Di, Bob, Sheri and I will be going to Germany around the first week or so in September.  We are going to France in 11 days!  

Again, feedback please

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5 Responses to How about it

  1. Mary Seger says:

    Sounds good to me. Mary Misegades Seger

    • Charlotte Griffin says:

      Mary, glad to hear from you. May I ask from which branch you are? I always love to meet new cousins, no matter how far back.
      By the way, if we have this reunion (and I think we probably will) it will probably be a year from now or knowing the Midwest as I do, September.

  2. Margaret Misegades says:

    Always a distinct possibility. MY sister Charlotte (who used to live in Edwardsville IL, right around the corner from Alton) could possibly make that visit, as she is only in Indiana. BTW, Charlotte, I just had the new house I am buying here in Melbourne FL inspected recently, and the inspector said they knew your son very well.

    And Mary is part of the Wisconsin bunch.

    • Charlotte says:

      I know about your house, Will is my nephew, Bob from France’s son. I realized Mary was a Wisconsin Misegades.

      I hope we will get together next year.

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      • Margaret Misegades says:

        I’d love for you to meet the other Charlotte Misegades, needless to say. I told her about the possibility of a meeting in Alton, and she wanted to know why you would even consider going there, as she thought it was the dullest place ever (having lived right next door)! I said that was where your branch was from, and she still didn’t think it was worth it. If you decide to do that, I’ll make her go, of course, and maybe even my baby sister, who lives in Buffalo. That would give the Wisconsin group pretty good coverage, wouldn’t it?

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