Busy week-end

I had planned to put up a blog this week-end, life got in the way. Hopefully, this week I put up reminders and the schedule.  The counter is telling us there are 25 days until we meet. Have a great week.

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This is just a quick reminder that if you are going to stay at the Sheraton Hotel the deadline for the discount is Wednesday, August 15.  If you would like T-shirts for the Reunion you need to have your request in by the evening (EDT) of the 20th. Again I will send out an e-mail with James’ e-mail (he is taking the orders for Beverly) and cell phone number.  See the earlier post for sizes and prices.

One quick note:  Check your Spam for my e-mail, I send it out to all the Misegades Gang and sometimes your computer may think the e-mail is Spam.  I’ll send it on the misegadesreunion@gmail.com account.  It will either say that or Charlotte

Have a great day, it is just a few days shy of a month until we meet.


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If you don’t believe in ghosts,
you’ve never been to a family reunion.
[Ashleigh Brilliant]

Six weeks from yesterday (Friday, August 3) will be the beginning of our Misegades Family Reunion!  Things are falling into place.  As you can see our beautiful family crest has been recreated thanks to the hard work of Katherine Misegades. There will be more about the crest at the reunion.  Right now we are running up against some deadlines


If you are planning on staying at the Sheraton you need to get your reservations in by August 15 to receive the $109 price.  Follow this link Misegades Family Reunion and push the green button “BOOK NOW” and you will receive the discount.  You can call the hotel to make reservations just be sure to say you are with the Misegades Family Reunion. Remember, those coming in by plane you don’t need a car the hotel has a shuttle and there are plenty of “homegrown” cars available for the week-end.


Beverly Smith (Katherine Misegades’ daughter-in-law) is taking care of this for us.  To receive the discount we need to send our order to her with what type and size of shirt we want along with a check or money order. That way we may have them on the Friday we get there.  I am not going to put James and Beverly’s address here but will send it in the e-mail I send after posting. She needs this as soon as possible. It might be a good idea for groups mail together, say my brothers and families tell me and I send in the order.  Just remember to pay the person sending in the order. Sooner or later we will have a graphic of how the shirt will look, but you probably should order before we get it.

Since some people like crew neck and some like v-neck we are offering both types in light blue.  Beverly stated in her e-mail that since the crew and v-necks will be ordered from different companies there will be a slight difference in the color.

The crew neck style for sizes small-XL will be $4.50.  XXL $5.50 XXXL $6.50.

The v-neck style would be sizes small-xl $5.98 and size xxl $6.98 not available in size 3xl.

Toddler tee sizes 2T, 3T, and 4T $4.86. Youth Tee sizes xs-xl is $4.05. onesies 6 mo, 12 mo, 18 mo, 24mo $4.44

Even if you are not coming to the reunion this would be a nice remembrance.  Also, there may be some who do not want a t-shirt, but do want the Misegades Crest.  Plans are in the making to have copies of the Crest at the reunion.


Oh boy, I’m guilty of this, not collecting and scanning old pictures and documents and sending them to Katherine katherine@atimetoknit.com  in high resolution (for an album we hope to put together (and on ancestry.com) Please, look through your pictures and clippings and send them to Katherine.  The more memories we have the better.

A LITTLE FINANCING:  Kent has fronted all expenses for the hotel meeting rooms and lunch.  The cost comes to approximately $40/per person.  He’d appreciate your donations at the event to offset these costs. Remember, the main dinner at the Waldron you pay for yourself.  Again the website for the Waldron is http://www.waldhorn.us/.  They have their Dinner Menu listed so you can get an idea of how much you bill will be.  By the way, we will have a speaker talking about our family that evening.

Attractions: For those In-laws that may get tired of hearing all about our family don’t forget about our link Charlotte, NC travel site, and other links on our WordPress Blog.

NAME TAG COLORS:  Ed, Green; Gene, Red; Harold, Blue and Roy, Yellow. Oh, yes, if you don’t belong to any  of these Purple (I think).

Please, let us know once again if you are coming.  I have a count and I would like to verify it. Also if you are going to be a the Lunch gathering.  (12:30-2:00 p.m.).  Full agenda is coming later.

That’s all for now, remember to look for the  e-mail with James and Beverly’s address.


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Hotel Information

I am basically going to blog here what I have sent to everyone in an e-mail. Not everyone reads the blog, and not everyone reads their e-mail SO hopefully by double dipping I catch the majority of the family. I want to thank Kent Misegades (Paul’s son, Ed’s grandson) for all the work he has done acquiring the hotel, conference room and reservations for our dinner on Saturday night.

The following is pretty much verbatim what I sent in the e-mail:

The long awaited (well by me anyway), information on booking our rooms at the Charlotte Airport Sheraton Hotel has come through. We are getting the rooms at a VERY good price. I know because I booked rooms before (which I have since cancelled) at a higher price. The rooms are $109 a night. You MUST book before August 15, 2012. Below is the e-mail with the information for booking. If you do not want to book on-line, but would prefer to call reservations that is perfectly acceptable. The personalized website also has a place to send an e-mail to Kent (since he was the one to set it up) saying whether you are coming or not to the reunion. If you are staying somewhere else but coming to the reunion you can use that website too. AND you can always write me misegadesreunion@gmail.com or comment on our blog. http://www.misegadesfamilyreunion.wordpress.com . The following is the e-mail sent to us about the rooms:

A personalized Web site for Misegades Family Reunion occurring
(September 11, 2012 – September 17, 2012)has been created for you.
Guests can access the site to learn more about the event and to book,
modify, or cancel a reservation from July 17, 2012 to September 18, 2012.  [THE ACTUAL REUNION IS Sept. 14-16] 

 Below you will find the appropriate link(s) for your participants to access the site:

Misegades Family Reunion(OR copy and paste the following link into a web browser)

Very soon (hopefully this week-end or next) you will also be receiving an e-mail and blog on the Misegades reunion shirts we will be offering. Be thinking about color (We will order only one color I am thinking). The following is what Beverly Smith (Katherine Misegades’ daughter-in-law) has sent me:

“The shirts are available in white, pink, ash, sky blue, pale yellow, light gray and cream. available in sizes small – 3xl 2xl and 3 xl area a couple of dollars more each. We also have youth and toddler tees and onsies, available in white, pink, sky blue, and pale yellow. not sure how many kids are going to be there…”

By the way, Beverly says the shirt information needs to be sent in NO LATER than August 10 or SOONER!

Hope this information is useful. I hope to hear from you soon,


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Interesting Questions

Reunions are great places to learn interesting facts about our family both past and present. Several of our cousins have presented me with interesting questions about the people in our family.

First of all using the nine grandchildren of Louie and Kate as the base (Dean, Paul, Maurice, Marilyn, Charlotte, Louise, Katherine, Raymond and Robert [Bob]) our 2nd great-grandfather (the one who immigrated from Germany (well really Hannover) Generation 1, Our great-grandfather would be generation 2 Our grandfather would be Generation 3, Our fathers would Generation 4, we are Generation 5, our children 6, etc. etc. etc. This also goes for the Wisconsin Misegades since their ancestor came over about the same time. (Bob, from NY, I know your family came over later in the 1920’s but if you go back a couple of generations it will be the same thing)

Here are some questions we would like answered about your branch of the family:

Are there any prominent members of your branch such as:

  • noted politicians
  • athletes
  • engineers
  • scientist
  • explorers
  • pilots
  • entertainers
  • actors
  • musicians
  • astronauts


 Have you been published? We would love to start a list especially books and guides. I know Kent has published dozen of technical and historical articles and one small booklet, a travel guide for aviation historians focused on Southern Germany.

MUSIC: Have you had anyone who published music or recorded it, past or present

MILITARY SERVICE, which service, combat service, decorations, final rank. From what I see on Ancestry.com it looks as though both Henry Fred and John Henry were in the Civil War.

i.e. Roy’s BBQ in the past or Bob’s (my brother) Colorado in France. Tell us a little about the business.

ARTISAN’S Is your handiwork on display in public places (In-laws and outlaws count)

  • Do you teach or sell it
    • Can you bring some to show (or sell) at the reunion
    • note: Is there any way of getting some of Ellen’s things here from Wales?


  • One thing that some families are doing are medical histories, so that they can keep track of what might run in the family such as depression, strokes, heart attacks. Make a list of diseases and ailments that have occurred.
  • Something much more fun: common traits, such as hair & eye color, for instance. Lots of blue/gray eyes among men in some branch and some have blond hair, typical for northern Germans. Kent, and my brother, Bob were near-white when they were kids. But then Bob’s beard was red and his son, Josh, is a redhead.

If anyone has other interesting questions either add them to the comments or email them to misegadesreunion@gmail.com . The way I have been slow about posting people will probably see them faster in the comments. If you would rather not have your answers published on the blog, that is perfectly okay just e-mail me at the above e-mail address and be sure to tell me you would rather the information not be published. Also at a later date I am planning on putting interesting items especially about our ancestors on Ancestry.com unless you would prefer it not be.

I cannot believe it has taken me 2 weeks to write this blog – life gets in the way.

That is all for now, but more is on the way, especially about booking rooms, etc.


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oops wrong e-mail

I can’t believe I wrote the wrong e-mail down. No wonder I haven’t heard from people. Luckily someone finally told me. The reunion e-mail is misegadesreunion@gmail.com. I added “family” to the e-mail that is not supposed to be there. Sorry about that. I have just got back from my step-son’s wedding which was great. More about the reunion later this week.

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3 Months from this week-end (June 16)

 I can hardly believe it!  In about three months we will be having our reunion.  We need some things from the family.  If you see your name with a 0 and you are coming please e-mail us at misegadesfamilyreunion@gmail.com and tell us the following:
  1. if you are coming or not coming to the reunion and
  2. if you are planning on going to the dinner on Saturday evening
  3. where you will be staying
  4. are you driving or coming by plane

If you see your name with the number of people coming from your family great, but I would really like to know some of the other things above! An e-mail would really be appreciated.

Do you have a talent, a craft,  a business you would like to display? We would like to know.  At this moment I do not know exactly what we are going to do with this information, but I am hoping to have someone co-ordinate that information and plan a talent show and tables displaying crafts.

Again we need pictures of interest to our family scanned and sent to Katherine at katherine@atimetoknit.com.
I am going to make several pdf files that Katherine will put add to the webpage. No more mistakes this time.  There will be a descendent tree from Henry Fred and one from Louie and Kate.  I would recommend you find yourself on the Louie and Kate one and add to it.  By that I mean any spouses and children, grandchildren etc.  I am not guaranteeing anything for sure but I will try to get all the information added to our tree.  And hopefully Katherine Caldwell and Christine Van Horn can help. (Don’t you ladies just love how I volunteered you?).  We hope to have a large one on the wall at the reunion.
I know there was more I was going to say, but I’ll put it in another blog.  I have written this over 2 days and know it is probably jumbled.
Until next time,
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