Hotel Information

I am basically going to blog here what I have sent to everyone in an e-mail. Not everyone reads the blog, and not everyone reads their e-mail SO hopefully by double dipping I catch the majority of the family. I want to thank Kent Misegades (Paul’s son, Ed’s grandson) for all the work he has done acquiring the hotel, conference room and reservations for our dinner on Saturday night.

The following is pretty much verbatim what I sent in the e-mail:

The long awaited (well by me anyway), information on booking our rooms at the Charlotte Airport Sheraton Hotel has come through. We are getting the rooms at a VERY good price. I know because I booked rooms before (which I have since cancelled) at a higher price. The rooms are $109 a night. You MUST book before August 15, 2012. Below is the e-mail with the information for booking. If you do not want to book on-line, but would prefer to call reservations that is perfectly acceptable. The personalized website also has a place to send an e-mail to Kent (since he was the one to set it up) saying whether you are coming or not to the reunion. If you are staying somewhere else but coming to the reunion you can use that website too. AND you can always write me or comment on our blog. . The following is the e-mail sent to us about the rooms:

A personalized Web site for Misegades Family Reunion occurring
(September 11, 2012 – September 17, 2012)has been created for you.
Guests can access the site to learn more about the event and to book,
modify, or cancel a reservation from July 17, 2012 to September 18, 2012.  [THE ACTUAL REUNION IS Sept. 14-16] 

 Below you will find the appropriate link(s) for your participants to access the site:

Misegades Family Reunion(OR copy and paste the following link into a web browser)

Very soon (hopefully this week-end or next) you will also be receiving an e-mail and blog on the Misegades reunion shirts we will be offering. Be thinking about color (We will order only one color I am thinking). The following is what Beverly Smith (Katherine Misegades’ daughter-in-law) has sent me:

“The shirts are available in white, pink, ash, sky blue, pale yellow, light gray and cream. available in sizes small – 3xl 2xl and 3 xl area a couple of dollars more each. We also have youth and toddler tees and onsies, available in white, pink, sky blue, and pale yellow. not sure how many kids are going to be there…”

By the way, Beverly says the shirt information needs to be sent in NO LATER than August 10 or SOONER!

Hope this information is useful. I hope to hear from you soon,


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Interesting Questions

Reunions are great places to learn interesting facts about our family both past and present. Several of our cousins have presented me with interesting questions about the people in our family.

First of all using the nine grandchildren of Louie and Kate as the base (Dean, Paul, Maurice, Marilyn, Charlotte, Louise, Katherine, Raymond and Robert [Bob]) our 2nd great-grandfather (the one who immigrated from Germany (well really Hannover) Generation 1, Our great-grandfather would be generation 2 Our grandfather would be Generation 3, Our fathers would Generation 4, we are Generation 5, our children 6, etc. etc. etc. This also goes for the Wisconsin Misegades since their ancestor came over about the same time. (Bob, from NY, I know your family came over later in the 1920’s but if you go back a couple of generations it will be the same thing)

Here are some questions we would like answered about your branch of the family:

Are there any prominent members of your branch such as:

  • noted politicians
  • athletes
  • engineers
  • scientist
  • explorers
  • pilots
  • entertainers
  • actors
  • musicians
  • astronauts


 Have you been published? We would love to start a list especially books and guides. I know Kent has published dozen of technical and historical articles and one small booklet, a travel guide for aviation historians focused on Southern Germany.

MUSIC: Have you had anyone who published music or recorded it, past or present

MILITARY SERVICE, which service, combat service, decorations, final rank. From what I see on it looks as though both Henry Fred and John Henry were in the Civil War.

i.e. Roy’s BBQ in the past or Bob’s (my brother) Colorado in France. Tell us a little about the business.

ARTISAN’S Is your handiwork on display in public places (In-laws and outlaws count)

  • Do you teach or sell it
    • Can you bring some to show (or sell) at the reunion
    • note: Is there any way of getting some of Ellen’s things here from Wales?


  • One thing that some families are doing are medical histories, so that they can keep track of what might run in the family such as depression, strokes, heart attacks. Make a list of diseases and ailments that have occurred.
  • Something much more fun: common traits, such as hair & eye color, for instance. Lots of blue/gray eyes among men in some branch and some have blond hair, typical for northern Germans. Kent, and my brother, Bob were near-white when they were kids. But then Bob’s beard was red and his son, Josh, is a redhead.

If anyone has other interesting questions either add them to the comments or email them to . The way I have been slow about posting people will probably see them faster in the comments. If you would rather not have your answers published on the blog, that is perfectly okay just e-mail me at the above e-mail address and be sure to tell me you would rather the information not be published. Also at a later date I am planning on putting interesting items especially about our ancestors on unless you would prefer it not be.

I cannot believe it has taken me 2 weeks to write this blog – life gets in the way.

That is all for now, but more is on the way, especially about booking rooms, etc.


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oops wrong e-mail

I can’t believe I wrote the wrong e-mail down. No wonder I haven’t heard from people. Luckily someone finally told me. The reunion e-mail is I added “family” to the e-mail that is not supposed to be there. Sorry about that. I have just got back from my step-son’s wedding which was great. More about the reunion later this week.

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3 Months from this week-end (June 16)

 I can hardly believe it!  In about three months we will be having our reunion.  We need some things from the family.  If you see your name with a 0 and you are coming please e-mail us at and tell us the following:
  1. if you are coming or not coming to the reunion and
  2. if you are planning on going to the dinner on Saturday evening
  3. where you will be staying
  4. are you driving or coming by plane

If you see your name with the number of people coming from your family great, but I would really like to know some of the other things above! An e-mail would really be appreciated.

Do you have a talent, a craft,  a business you would like to display? We would like to know.  At this moment I do not know exactly what we are going to do with this information, but I am hoping to have someone co-ordinate that information and plan a talent show and tables displaying crafts.

Again we need pictures of interest to our family scanned and sent to Katherine at
I am going to make several pdf files that Katherine will put add to the webpage. No more mistakes this time.  There will be a descendent tree from Henry Fred and one from Louie and Kate.  I would recommend you find yourself on the Louie and Kate one and add to it.  By that I mean any spouses and children, grandchildren etc.  I am not guaranteeing anything for sure but I will try to get all the information added to our tree.  And hopefully Katherine Caldwell and Christine Van Horn can help. (Don’t you ladies just love how I volunteered you?).  We hope to have a large one on the wall at the reunion.
I know there was more I was going to say, but I’ll put it in another blog.  I have written this over 2 days and know it is probably jumbled.
Until next time,
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Misegades Family and who are attending



3 Allen Misegades
2 Ben Misegades
2 Bob Misegades
0 Bryan Buster
0 Caleb Misegades
1 Carol Misegades
1 Charlotte Griffin
3 Christie Van Horn
0 David Misegades
0 Ellen Roberts
4 James Smith
0 Josh Misegades
5 Katherine Bartgis
1 Katherine Caldwell
2 Katherine Misegades
2 Keith Misegades
2 Kent Misegades
0 Kim Misegades
0 Kristin Isaac
0 Logan Misegades
1 Louise Misegades
1 Margaret Misegades
2 Marilyn Buster
0 Mark Buster
1 Maurice Misegades
1 Michael Anthony Misegades
0 Michael Dean Misegades
1 Pam Misegades
0 Peter Misegades
0 Rachel Smith
2 Raymond Misegades
2 Robert A. Misegades
2 Robert F. Misegades
2 Robyn Misegades
2 Rod Misegades
1 Tim Misegades
2 Tineke Carroll
0 Tracey Waldrop
1 Trevor Misegades
0 Will Misegades
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An update on the reunion

Here is an update on the reunion. Whether you are coming, not sure or not coming, please, would you let us know  at . Thanks to hard work by Kent Misegades, Paul’s son, Ed’s grandson, the venue for the family reunion has been picked, the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel.  The hotel has a shuttle service to and from the airport, a restaurant, swimming pool, meeting rooms and the rooms are around $109.  Also we have reservations at the Waldhorn Restaurant about 15 miles from the Charlotte airport for our dinner on Saturday evening.

Kent is getting the information for group rates at the Hotel which we will post as soon as we get them.  Waldhorn is a German restaurant (what else). If you go to the Waldhorn Restaurant site the Menu and prices are on the left side of the web page.  To make things easier each person, couple or family pays their own bill.

I know some of you will be staying at relatives near the Charlotte area, as for the rest of us The Sheraton has reasonable rates and as I said, the hotel has a shuttle so no need to rent a car.  And I have been assured there are plenty of cars from those who are driving  so that we won’t have to walk to the Waldhorn.

We need to know as soon as you do who is coming, who is staying with whom and who is staying at the hotel?  I know several of us single women could stay together — or at least 2 to a room. The ones who will be staying at the hotel we would like to know as soon as possible. Marilyn Misegades Buster  looked at the Venue link for the hotel and would suggest that people might want to sign up for the hotel chain membership in Starwood Preferred Guest membership. Gives access to a complimentary breakfast, evening hors d’oeuvres in the Club. Looks like it is a free sign up.

The plans for the week-end are firming up, but not set in stone. Here is what we thought our agenda will be:

Friday, September 14th, 2012

-4-8 PM – meet-and-greet at hotel – includes display of Misegades photos, memorabilia – music from Misegades talent?

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

-8AM – coffee & rolls, meet-and-greet

-9AM – 2PM – 30-minute talks on each generation going back to Germany

-12PM-1PM – buffet lunch during talks

-2PM – 6PM – open for those who want to visit sites in Charlotte, or chit-chat at hotel

-6PM – 7PM – Happy Hour at  Waldhorn Restaurant

-7PM-10PM – Dinner with speaker, Q&A (speaker TBD)
Sunday, September 16th, 2012

-8AM – coffee & rolls, chit-chat ?  formal program or simply show-and-tell as people departure

There will be plenty of time for getting to know each other and general chit-chat. We will be learning about our family, seeing the various talents of our members (Painting, crafts, knitting, singing, dancing etc.).  There are several interesting sites around Charlotte that I am sure you will enjoy.

I, Charlotte, am excited, I could say obsessed, with the information I am finding about our ancestors on  I can’t seem to stay away from it or my Family Tree Maker and  Anyone else who has an account please let us know. When I have a little more information on our Family Tree Katherine Misegades or  I will post a pdf file for you to look at and add to.  We are going to have scanners and laptops at the reunion for us so we can add to that information. So start going through photos, letters, stories, etc. etc. etc. ahead of time

You may send your photos ahead of time to Katherine Misegades ( who suggests the following about the pictures:

About scanning, we could gather photos together for an album for anyone who is interested. Here are some points:

  1.  We need to scan photos at a higher resolution than the blog needs, then edit them down for the blog.
  2. The photos on the blog need to be no more than 410 pix wide and 72 ppi.
  3. For an album, it needs to be 300 ppi at 100% of the photo size.
  4. We could open a Flicker account to share the photos easier for various uses if you wish
  5.  A print-on-demand photo album need the high-resolution photos
  6. A PDF that wouldn’t be printed on any higher quality printer than a home printer would need about 150 dpi
  7. An eBook that can be read on devices can be less resolution.

The photo, story, etc. will have the name of the ancestor, a comment and the name of the person sending it.

Alright this a lot of information, but I hope it helps in your planning for this once in a lifetime  reunion.

Charlotte, Katherine, Kent, and Marilyn

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Louis and two boys

Boys are beyond the range of anyone’s sure understanding,
at least when they are between the ages of
18 months and 90 years.
[James Thurber]

Upper Right: Louis Frederick Misgades
Upper Left: his oldest son, Edgar Louis Misegades
Center: his second son, Henry Misegades

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Louis, Katherine and grandchildren

Grandchildren are the dots that
connect the lines from generation to generation.
[Lois Wyse]

Louis and Katherine Misegades with six grandchildrenReading left to right:
Back Row: Raymond, Louis, Katherine Hulda, Marilyn and Maurice Misegades
Front Row: Charlotte, Katherine May and Louise Misegades

As close as I can figure, this photo was taken about October of 1946 in Phister Park in Coffeyville, Kansas. Roy’s children here are Raymond and Charlotte (Bobby wasn’t born yet), Gene’s children are Marilyn and Maurice, and Harold’s children are Katherine May and Louise.

Katherine May Misegades, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Frederick Misegades, Watertown, WI

While searching for information on Henry Fred Misegades, the ‘missing link’ who left Germany for America to create our branch of the family tree, I stumbled across a Frederick Misegades of Watertown, WI.  See this link for an article on this popular member of Watertown’s 19th century citizenry.

Kent Misegades, Cary, NC

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Grandma Kate’s Family


Front Row: Bertha Minnie, Margaret Caroline, Fred? (small boy), Michael, Anna Marie or Mary, Clara.
Back Row: Adolph, Katherine Hulda, August William. At the time Grandma Kate (Katherine Hulda) was about 18.

Charlotte Griffin nee Misegades

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